Thorn Wood Books is a small publishing house set up to prove that a well written novel can be more than just a journey filler or sleep inducer. These are books that will transport you to far flung places, to other times, that will tease, intrigue, challenge. Books that will make you think.

All this whilst entertaining you too, of course.

Though the stories they tell are very different, they have one thing in common: at their core is the relationship between the natural world and we humans. A stunningly beautiful landscape sets a woman free to discover her real and sensual self. For another, her love of a wild animal becomes a trap. A child,on holiday and spellbound by the wonders that surround him, is oblivious to the battle going on above his head as his parents’ marriage disintegrates. An elderly countess meets the perfect male escort to share her final years…

Thorn Wood Books.
Books that get under the skin.


Back in the Middle Ages, it was the Saracens who invaded Italy's Amalfi Coast. Now it's the turn of the tourists. Set in the 1980s, these short stories follow the dramas, the joy and tears of the hoards artists, serious travellers and frivolous holidaymakers - as they descend on the village by the sea.



I thought I’d give them a go and put out a small pile of each book. They were snatched up like hot cakes. I don’t know what made them so appealing, but within a couple of days I was ordering more. It was absolutely amazing.
The Corsham Bookshop, Wilts

THE SNOW FOX DIARIES... utterly compelling and beautifully written... I found myself drawn deep into their (the characters) predicaments and empathising with each... when they were sad, I was sad; what mattered to them mattered to me too... The observations of the fox family were no less moving... It is quite rare for me to get so involved in a book as I did with this, which is a credit to the excellent narrative style the author has... Not a light-hearted read by any stretch, but a thought-provoking and absorbing read... highly recommended.
The Self Publishing Magazine

It would be an injustice to label THE SNOW FOX DIARIES as merely a book about wildlife. It's a great deal more complex than that. It covers relationships, family dynamics, and the enormous difference that exists between attitudes to life in the city and in the country.
The Bath Chronicle

STONES OF THE MADONNA... set on the Amalfi Coast, this cracking tale of love, betrayal and shocking secrets is perfect holiday reading fare... a gripping and enjoyable read...
The Italian Magazine

If you have ever had a love affair with Italy, then read this book (STONES OF THE MADONNA.) … it was like being back in Italy, and I never wanted it to end.
Amazon Reviewer

I loved THE SNOW FOX DIARIES…towards the end I couldn’t put it down, and enjoyed all the twists in the story… I thought it was very skilfully written.
Christine Last, Radstock

One of the best books I’ve come across in a long time… I read THE SNOW FOX DIARIES in one day… STONES OF THE MADONNA was completely different, but I enjoyed it very much too… Can’t wait for the next one to come out!
Pat Newman, Bath

I found it (STONES OF THE MADONNA) an emotional and gripping story that brought vividly to life the carefree world of the international bohemian set in pre-war Italy… the detailing was excellent.
Molga Salvalaggio, London

So well written I could feel the sun on my face and smell the flowers... I would thoroughly recommend both these books to anyone who enjoys a good read.
L. Carter, Corsham

Written by someone with a deep love of nature... I couldn't help but share the heroine's sympathy for the fox, and her over-whelming desire to protect that which is beautiful but cannot protect itself... a wonderful book.
Cheryl Hitchen, Parracombe

... brought to mind the stories of Daphne du Maurier... R. Chambers, Lynton

THE SNOW FOX DIARIES… spellbinding… I could not put this book down. It would appeal to romantics, animal lovers, and people who appreciate good, honest writing.
E-book Amazon Reviewer

Snow Fox Diary
Stones of the Madonna